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The Glulam Span Tables were developed primarily for domestic applications in accordance with NZS3603 “Timber Structures Standard” and with the joint AS/NZS 1328:1998 standard “Glue Laminated Structural Timbers”.



The purpose of these tables is to make it easier for builders, draughtspersons, architects and engineers to come up with a quick and accurate design for Glulam beams. These cover the most common domestic uses for Glulam beams – roof beams, rafters, ridges, lintels and floor beams. At a glance designers and builders will be able to find the correct size of beams for a variety of spans at various spacings and loadings

By entering in the appropriate loads from a drop-down list and entering the span and spacing of selected members, the Design Software will show a selection of beam sizes to choose from. A certificate for Council approval is available on completion of your calculation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.


Interactive tables allow the user to enter loading, span & spacing.

Once the “CALCULATE” button is activated, a selection of beam sizes will be displayed.