Curved Timberlab Beams

See Data Sheet - The flexibility of Glulam beams allows for the designer’s creative imagination to be realised. Factory made members can be formed into any practical shape and any desired size. Radial curved, elliptical shapes and reverse curves are all possible. The tightness of the radius will determine the thickness of the laminations. A 12m radius can be achieved using standard 45mm thick laminations but a tighter 3m radius may require a thickness of 18mm.
TimberLab Glulam timber beams are load-bearing structural members for roofs, floors and other construction situations, e.g. bridges, posts, etc. Glulam uses stress rated, seasoned and selected timbers - usually Radiata Pine or Douglas Fir. In TimberLab’s unique system each single piece of timber is graded to ensure the design values are met.

The process of manufacture is carefully controlled requiring conformance to internationally recognised standards; TimberLab is certified under third party inspection to manufacture Glulam to ASNZS: 1328. TimberLab’s plant is regularly inspected to ensure ongoing compliance.

Laminated Timber is also noted for its inherent ability to withstand the effect of fire. It has a superior fire resistance rating when compared to steel.
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